Hi, my name is

Shivam Syal

I'm a technologist and an entrepreneur.

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🌎 501(c)(3) NPO 🌎


A nonprofit organization with a mission to provide a forward-thinking, virtual platform, aiming to instill inspiration, spread awareness, and increase proficiency in STEM amongst youth, to enable them for a brighter future.

🌎 501(c)(3) NPO 🌎


A nonprofit organization, aiming to inspire and empower youth to become effective communicators and transformational leaders by enriching students’ public speaking skills, providing underprivileged children with basic educational support and increasing proficiency in STEM amongst youth, to enable them for a brighter future.

πŸ† Hackathon Winner πŸ†


A desktop app for correcting your posture and potentially preventing osteoarthritis. Using computer vision and machine learning, WebPOSE provides position changes when you're maintaining poor posture.

πŸ’» Pennapps XXI Project πŸ’»

Good Neighbor

A web app which uses crowdsourcing to connet people to people. It allows person-to-person donations for food, clothes and other goods.

πŸ† Hackathon Winner πŸ†


PictureBook is a Chrome Extension that modifies Google Meets to provide closed-captions with image translation as well as applied review with flashcards. By employing applied visual learning and independent, personalized learning strategies, we help early ESL learners effectively learn English.

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I'm currently open to opportunities at startup companies based in neuroscience, ML, and AI. If you have a question, or just want say hi, my inbox is always open. I'll try my best to get back to you!